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JUNE 28th - 30th, 2024


Tianguis of Pueblos Mágicos


Immerse yourself in our wealth and discover the places that Mexico treasures.

The Pueblos Magicos program was born in 2001, as a strategy for tourism development, aimed at structuring a complementary and diversified tourism offer towards the interior of the country, based fundamentally on the historical and cultural attributes of the localities of our country.

Pueblos Magicos are localities with different levels of development where tourist activity contributes to raise levels of well-being, maintain and increase employment, promote and make investment profitable, as well as strengthen and optimize the rational use of resources and attractions, natural and cultural with the basic action of the society.

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Consolidate Pueblos Magicos as the new tourist face of Mexico.


Show the world the most intimate heritage of Mexico.


Consolidate Pueblos Magicos as destinations with an innovative tradition.

Henry B. González Convention Center
San Antonio Texas, EEUU

Once a frontier settlement in the Wild West, San Antonio became a city full of modern conveniences. As one of the country's top shopping destinations, San Antonio offers luxury boutiques, various shopping centers, and the largest Mexican market in the United States.

The city is also famous for its scenic River Walk, which makes it easy to navigate downtown. The shady paths of this promenade, which stretches 24 kilometers from start to finish, connect with hundreds of shops, restaurants, hotels, historical monuments, museums and attractions. It's also home to many of the city's annual festivals and events, featuring food, drink, live music and more.

Tianguis of Pueblos Mágicos

There are mystical places full of color and tradition, where the stories of the past become present

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