June 28th to 30th, 2024 | +52 55 5543 3059 | [email protected]

About the event

Tianguis of Pueblos Mágicos


Immerse yourself in our wealth and discover the places that Mexico treasures.

The Pueblos Magicos program was born in 2001, as a strategy for tourism development, aimed at structuring a complementary and diversified tourism offer towards the interior of the country, based fundamentally on the historical and cultural attributes of the localities of our country.

Pueblos Magicos are localities with different levels of development where tourist activity contributes to raise levels of well-being, maintain and increase employment, promote and make investment profitable, as well as strengthen and optimize the rational use of resources and attractions, natural and cultural with the basic action of the society.

It is a tool that fosters collaboration and coordination with civil society, the private sector, local governments and service providers.

  • Consolidate Pueblos Magicos as the new tourist face of Mexico.
  • Show the world the most intimate heritage of Mexico.
  • Consolidate Pueblos Magicos as destinations with an innovative tradition.
  • Carry out a quality event, unique in its kind at an international level.

A hybrid event with craft exhibition spaces, commercial exchange and sensory experiences, with a business platform to add commercial allies that are the tourism ambassadors of Mexico with social responsibility.

We show the world the most intimate heritage and identity of Mexico and tourism becomes a tool for well-being and social reconciliation.

Hybrid Event

Tianguis of Pueblos Mágicos is a hybrid event, it is carried out in person and virtually with a global reach for the promotion and commercialization of the tourist offer of Pueblos Magicos.

Three days of exhibition

Three days of exhibition where Pueblos Magicos will show their culture, tradition, gastronomy, crafts and virtual content open for a year.

Unique experiences

Provide unique experiences in each segment of our different routes, such as rural, community, cultural, ecotourism and adventure tourism activities.

Business Platform

Meetings and agreements will be established between tourism service providers of Pueblos Magicos and specialized international buyers through the business platform.

Purchases and Reservations

The visitor will be able to buy trips to Mexico and make lodging reservations and specialized routes in Pueblos Magicos.

Sale of Crafts

Exhibition and sale of Mexican handcrafts during the event and virtual platform for their commercialization.